About Vahé Fine Jewellery

Vahé Fine Jewellery specialises in the design and handcrafting of fine, boutique jewellery. We believe creating jewellery is an art form. Expert craftsmanship, creativity, meticulous quality and above all passion contribute to producing our bespoke designs.

Whether it is traditional, contemporary or antique style jewellery, Vahé Fine Jewellery can meet your individual requirements. We are an Australian company offering you jewellery that is designed and handcrafted exclusively by our in-house designers and jewellers. Our Master Jeweller, Vahé, has been turning dreams into reality for over thirty years and has worked alongside many renowned artisans.

So who is Vahé?

Vahé started his apprenticeship at the age of fifteen, completing it in four years. Always one to thrive when challenged, Vahé spent time working in three different jewellery manufacturing companies, which provided him with the depth of knowledge he needed to stand out as a well-skilled jeweller. After his apprenticeship, Vahé worked for five years with a Master Jeweller and learnt even more about designing, sketching and creating fine jewellery. It’s common for jewellers to finish an apprenticeship and then start their own business, but Vahé instead chose to work with a Master Jeweller to further refine his craft. In 1988, Vahé started his own business in Melbourne’s city.

Since then, Vahé has not only been a manufacturer but also a retailer, with a private showroom – something many jewellery manufacturers are unable to achieve. After becoming a well known, sought after supplier of jewellery to retailers across Australasia, and a Master Jeweller in his own right, Vahé decided to launch his own business, in his name.

Creating custom-made jewellery – all entirely hand-crafted – is Vahé’s speciality. Vahé believes that in the jewellery industry creating the perfect piece is a form of art – but being creative alone is not just the answer.

We pride ourselves on our exquisite range, our expertise in the design of jewellery and our wealth of knowledge in the jewellery industry. With our commitment and dedication, we provide you, our valued clients, with beautifully handcrafted jewellery of excellent quality. You can be assured of the highest standards not only in our design and creation of jewellery but also of our customer service. We can fulfil your requirements and exceed your expectations with any jewellery request, all in our private comfortable premises.

Vahé FineJewellery is a proud member of the Jewellers Association of Australia. We have agreed to their Code of Ethics in regard to quality, workmanship and customer service. You can have the utmost confidence when purchasing from us as we adhere to JAA’s guiding principles and values.

Vahé  Fine Jewellery has also been accepted as a member of The Gold & Silversmiths Guild of Australia. This is a professional organisation with a specific system of marking precious metal items. All our jewellery is stamped with Our Mark, the Fineness Mark, the Guild’s Mark and the Date Mark. We guarantee quality, metal purity and Australian made workmanship.